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Offering the best by partnering with the best

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

At the Fortinet Security Day South Africa, Securicom was awarded the Best Certified Partner of the Year 2021. It is an honour to receive such a prestigious award; to be recognised for the hard work put into building relationships with our international cybersecurity partners.

Securicom aligns itself with the international leaders in cybersecurity to provide its clients with the best possible protection. These relationships allow Securicom to have access to the best technological innovations from across the globe as well as benefit from the threat intelligence created by these organisations – meeting two of the three valuable elements in effective Managed Security.

We are grateful for our valuable partnership with Fortinet. We are also extremely proud of the Securicom team who has gone above and beyond in this important relationship. At Securicom, we value life-long learning and encourage our engineers to continue with their education. This includes certifications from our vendors. It is the dedication and discipline showed by our team that secured the award.

These same values are critical to how we engage with our customers. We aim to learn from your environment, consider your needs, and dedicate ourselves to offerings you the best possible protection.

“It is a privileged to be recognised by Fortinet,” says Richard Broeke, Securicom Managing Director. “Our More than a decade long partnership with this international cybersecurity leader is extremely valuable to Securicom as we are able to go above and beyond for our customers as a result. We strive for excellence; thus, we partner with the best in the business.”

“We are also extremely proud of the Securicom team. This group of hard-working, dedicated professionals is the backbone of our business,” he concludes.

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