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Penetration Testing

A Modern Approach to PenTesting.

Easy, efficient, scalable, and affordable for businesses that take cyber security seriously.



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What is Automated Penetration Testing?

cPenTest is an automated network penetration testing platform that combines the
knowledge, methodology, processes, and toolsets of a hacker into a single,
deployable SaaS platform for organizations of all sizes. cPenTest allows organizations
to perform a penetration test within their environment at any given time, satisfying
both compliance requirements as well as meeting security best practices. 

Your Favorite

Combining the knowledge, skills, logic, and toolsets of numerous consultants into one, cPenTest is the perfect solution to consistently satisfy your organization’s needs for quality results. 


Activity Tracking

Activity Tracker

An important step to assessing your organization’s risk is the ability to detect and respond to malicious activities occurring within your environment. cPenTest creates a separate log file for every single activity that is performed so you can correlate our activities with your monitoring and logging solutions.

Meet Compliance, Meet Best Practices


By having the ability to perform a quality network penetration test whenever you want and however often you want, your organization can be assured that it will continuously meet security best practices and compliance regulations. 

Join Securicom in our relentless goal to pull customers from a vulnerable state when it comes to cybersecurity.

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