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Network Security


The adoption of cloud services, which has led to the propagation of a number of new networking  technologies such as SD-WAN and the proliferation of a multitude of access methods has resulted in networks today that are becoming increasingly complex.

This has a direct impact on the complexity surrounding the securing of these networks and the data traversing them. This means is that in order to secure the networks of today a very specific and specialized skill set is needed.

It is with this in mind that Securicom has created the Network Secure set of services that through our consultative engagement model we ensure the focus of your network security is not on the physical network but rather on the location of the applications in use and therefore the security of the data is put front and Centre.

By leveraging our collective decades of networking experience and applying a security mindset we provide network security solutions that are relevant to the specific client requirements; regardless of what type and location of network and application we are securing.

The Network Secure Managed Service catalogue is therefore made up of a number of International Vendor technologies and deployed in a manner relevant to the client.  The services, delivered on a monthly subscription basis that make up the Network Secure stack are highlighted below:

Web Application Security

Remote Access Solutions

Secure Cloud Services Access

Optimized Managed Gateway

Enterprise and website DDOS Protection


As the services we consume move to cloud the networks serving these services become more complex. This in turn makes securing them a more specialized skill. Over and above the traditional layered defense model visibility and control is paramount. A multi faceted approach is needed.

Through the use of both on-premise and cloud based offerings from multiple international vendors we can secure any network, anywhere, anytime.


Securing your Data on the Move.

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