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Securicom: Your Trusted Global Managed IT Security Services Provider

Securicom is a customer-focused Global Managed IT Security Services Provider (MSSP) with 20 years of industry experience. Operating on three continents, we deeply understand both international and local security threats.

 Why Choose Securicom?
  • 24/7 Managed Security Operations Centre (MSOC)

  • Cost-effective solutions for all business sizes

  • Seamless integration with legacy and modern systems

 Our Approach

We prioritize a customer-centric approach, developing customized security strategies that align with your goals. Our expertise spans 15 countries, allowing us to adapt to various industries and organizational structures.

 Comprehensive Security Solutions
  • Risk Mitigation

  • Asset Protection

  • Proactive Support and Continuous Monitoring

Partnering with Securicom means gaining a trusted advisor in the ever-evolving threat landscape. Our commitment to customer success drives us to deliver reliable, efficient, and tailored security solutions that support your growth and ensure peace of mind.

Secure your business with Securicom - your global MSSP partner.


We strive to become the MSSP partner of choice globally through our commitment to excellence, service and sustainable partnerships with our partners and clients. At Securicom we believe in service first and that looking after our staff takes care of Business.  In doing so we ensure that our team is not only highly specialized in the field of security but also motivated to excel in providing our clients with the best and most professional service available. We have embraced and deliver on the concept that:

Business must be fair.

Business with integrity.

Honesty and Excellence through Service.

Risk Assesment

Excellence through Service.

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