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Securicom cybersecurity framework implementation, cybersecurity for your business

Cybersecurity Framework Implementation.

A risk-based approach to cybersecurity is being adopted by organizations globally. NIST Cybersecurity Framework has been designed to help. A flexible framework, it supports you to understand, manage and reduce cybersecurity risks so you can assure critical operations and service delivery. So learn how to implement the framework effectively to help improve resilience.

The Cybersecurity Framework Explained

The Cybersecurity Framework Explained

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Cyber security and data management is not a problem to fix; rather it is a condition that must be continuously managed in order to reduce risk.

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Organizations are responding to new cyber incidents and adapting to operational changes triggered by the pandemic as risks are escalating in certain new territories. Security and risk management leaders can use the risk management tools and principles highlighted in this year’s research

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Cyber Risk Management & Compliance platform

The first step in protecting your organisation from a cyber threat and consequential data loss requires building your cyber resilience. This audit and cyber risk management platform extends beyond IT security solutions to include business processes and people in order to determine where current vulnerabilities and weaknesses are and the tools to manage those risks within your business.

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As the "gold-standard" of cybersecurity frameworks, the NIST Framework can add unparalleled depth and breadth to your cyber program. This guide will cover everything that you need to know to start and improve your NIST Framework-based program.

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