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DMARC DNS Records to optimise e-mail security.

The Ultimate Solution for e-mail Deliverability.

Our state-of-the-art platform helps you ensure that your emails reach the inbox, and not the spam folder. With our advanced filtering and tracking tools, you'll have complete visibility and control over your email.

DMARC Explained _ DMARC Email Authentication by Sendmarc

DMARC Explained _ DMARC Email Authentication by Sendmarc

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Cyber compliance, risk and governance is an ongoing activity not a once off

We work hand in hand and side by side with our customers to ensure their environment is correctly configured and our product properly implemented.

We can get customers to a state where all illegitimate emails from fraudsters using their name are rejected, and only real, authenticated emails using the company name hit an inbox in 90 days.


To the protection and control of your name.


Publishing DMARC records

We start the process by adding and publishing DMARC records to your DNS. This ensures that every time an email service receives a mail using your name, a report is sent to Sendmarc, allowing us to see who is using your domain – whether legitimate or not.


Configuring DNS (Domain Name System)

Next step will be to migrate the management of SPF and DKIM to the Sendmarc platform – ensuring that these critical authentication mechanisms are properly managed, enabling the best email deliverability possible for your legitimate senders.


Analysing reporting

With reporting enabled and being able to make changes to the relevant configurations, it’s time to analyze the data. This gives us a vision into how your email name is being used – both legitimately and illegitimately. This intelligence lets us identify your risk, exposure to email fraud and allow us to put in place the necessary measures to stop the abuse of your name by criminals as well as eliminate the associated financial, operational and reputational headaches.


Fortifying your email security

By sending email using your name, we implement and activate DMARC configuration of all approved services . This ensures the DMARC policy is applied across your entire email environment, including all third parties that send emails on your behalf, and that only legitimate emails reach an inbox and the best email deliverability rates are achieved.


Achieve a state of full protection

The correct configuration of your entire email environment, reaching a state where all illegitimate emails are stopped from reaching an inbox and only legitimate emails are delivered is guaranteed within 90 days.


Actively defending and protecting your enviroment

The continually increasing volume of fraudulent email activities combined with the growing adoption of cloud services for email means that DMARC cannot be a one-time configuration project, but rather requires the ongoing monitoring and updating of the email environment to achieve the highest and safest states of compliance and deliverability.

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