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SentinelOne Endpoint Protection

The Future of Cybersecurity is Autonomous.

Today’s cyber attackers move fast. Fast enough that 1-10-60 has become an obsolete model for effective detection, investigation, and response. Singularity XDR is the only cybersecurity platform empowering modern enterprises to take autonomous, real-time action with greater visibility of their dynamic attack surface and cross-platform security analytics.

Smarter, Stronger, Faster… Autonomous. This is SentinelOne.

Smarter, Stronger, Faster… Autonomous. This is SentinelOne.

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Stopping Breaches Faster Than Any Human Could.

From cloud workloads and user identities to their workstations and mobile devices, data has become the foundation of our way of life and critical for organizations to protect. Harnessing its power at any moment in time is also the answer to defeating tomorrow’s evolving & emergent cyber threats. The SentinelOne Singularity Platform actions data at enterprise scale to make precise, context-driven decisions autonomously, at machine speed, without human intervention.

Native &Open XDR

Real-Time Resolution

Artificial Intelligence

Centralize SentinelOne-native endpoint, cloud, and identity telemetry with any open, third party data from your security ecosystem into one powerful platform.


Don’t stop at just identifying malicious behaviors. Block and remediate advanced attacks autonomously, at machine speed, with cross-platform, enterprise-scale data analytics.

Patented Storyline™


Empower analysts with the context they need, faster, by automatically connecting & correlating benign and malicious events in one illustrative view.

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