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Vulnerability Management Solution

Continuous Threat Exposure Management.

Threat exposure management refers to the processes and techniques used to identify, assess, and prioritize potential security threats to an organization, and to develop and implement strategies to minimize the impact of those threats.

Threat exposure management is a critical component of an overall security program and helps organizations maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their sensitive information.

HivePro Uni5 - Continuous Threat Exposure Management Platform (1)

HivePro Uni5 - Continuous Threat Exposure Management Platform (1)

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How HivePro Uni5 Works.

How CTEM works

All-In-One Platform:


Analyze All Security Vulnerabilities, Findings, and Misconfigurations In One Place

Our all-in-one platform minimizes your threat exposure from code-to-cloud by combining full visibility into your assets, security findings, and the latest threat intelligence to identify and resolve the weaknesses that matter with AI-powered prioritization, defense testing, remediation workflow management, and automated patching. Stay ahead to stay secure with Uni5 Xposure.

1549 PATCH INTELLIGENCE 1369 IMPACTED ASSETS 3517 PRIORITIZED VULNERABILITIES Resolve High-Risk Vulnerabilites 0 VULNERABILITIES 80K 60K 40K 20K 10K 100K 750 68 918 781 859 959 249 74 175 30 320 45 625 89
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