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Cyrisma Complete Cyber Risk Management

Complete Cyber Risk Management 

Get a quick overview of your organization's current security posture based on vulnerability, data sensitivity, and security baseline scans, risk monetization, data and compliance tracking.

Introduction to CYRISMA

Introduction to CYRISMA

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The Power of CYRISMA

Optimize Cyber Risk Management With Our Multi-Feature SaaS Platform

CYRISMA allows you to Discover, Understand, Mitigate, and Manage cyber risk with efficiency and speed

1. Discover

Discover your own and customer organizations’ sensitive data, connected assets, system configuration errors, and vulnerabilities. Get enhanced visibility into your customers’ extended attack surfaces.

Discover Cyber Threats

2. Understand

Get a deep understanding of network and endpoint vulnerabilities and their impact. Generate detailed reports to easily assess and demonstrate organizational cyber risk and how to reduce it.

Understand your attack surface.

4. Manage

Manage risk with periodic assessments and mitigation plans, risk monetization, compliance tracking, and score cards to compare month-on-month progress. Make better informed, data-driven decisions.

Manage your attack surface

3. Mitigate

Create comprehensive, easy-to-track mitigation plans based on risk assessment results. Establish accountability with start and end dates, the ability to assign tasks to team members, and progress tracking.

Mitigate threats and risks
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