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Island Enterprise Browser

The application enterprises use most is the browser.

What if the browser was
designed for the enterprise?

Introducing Island. The Enterprise Browser.

Introducing Island. The Enterprise Browser.

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Control everything happening inside the browser.

Maximizing productivity is now easier than ever for employees, thanks to cloud computing and modern collaboration tools. Hybrid work has become the standard, allowing you to work from virtually anywhere, anytime.

However, this flexibility brings unique challenges for workplace security. The rapid rise of BYOD, cloud services, virtual desktops, and remote work during the pandemic has created new cybersecurity issues. Cybersecurity professionals must now address these challenges to protect critical resources.

Security concepts like Zero Trust, data loss prevention, identity management, and cloud access security tools offer a strong risk management framework. Yet, one crucial element is often overlooked: the web browser.

Many productivity tools, especially consumer-oriented web browsers, aren't designed with enterprise security in mind. These browsers can pose significant risks for insider attacks, as organizations have limited control over user interactions and often lack visibility into prior user activities.



Determine user interactions with your data through policies defined by your company.



Provide a comprehensive overview of user activity and experiences across your entire infrastructure.



Empower productivity by providing everything work needs to flourish while eliminating all disruptions.

Island looks, feels, and behaves just like the browser you’re on right now.
It’s built on Chromium - the same open source project that powers Chrome,
Edge, and most other mainstream browsers.

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