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Securicom South Africa cyber risk assessment


The Securicom Cyber Risk Assessment Service is different. It is a thorough business cyber security assessment – not just an IT security assessment.

Your Framework Profile

A Profile enables an organization to establish a roadmap for reducing cybersecurity risk that aligned well with organizational and sector goals, considers legal/regulatory requirements and industry best practices, and reflects risk management priorities.

Current State Analysis

The Current Profile indicates the cybersecurity outcomes that are currently being achieved. The Target Profile indicates the results needed to achieve desired cybersecurity risk management goals

Align a NIST

Align a NIST-Based Program with Business Objectives

Framework Adoption

There’s little doubt that the NIST CSF is effective, but it’s also a sophisticated framework that needs to be tailored to meet an organization’s risk reduction goals.

  • The Base Service
    e-Mail security e-Purifier Enterprise with Advanced Threat Protection. Endpoint Anti-Malware Managed Anti-Malware installed on all endpoint devices. Web Security and control Web Security technology with option for browsing control installed as part of the anti-malware to protect against web threats. Monthly Cyber Health report To highlight missing patches and security updates which will assist your IT team to ensure best possible protection against both known and unknown threats.
  • Security Components
    Security components can be selected to compliment the base service and add additional security for the business. Details on these is as follows: Cloud Backup Options for documents only or full endpoint backup, dependent on your budget and specific business requirements. e-Mail archiving (MailVault) To ensure an auditable and always available copy of all e-Mail communications for the organization. Endpoint Detection and Remediation (EDR) Advanced zero day detection of potential malware and advanced threats to the endpoint installed on the endpoint in addition to the Anti-Malware technology. Enterprise Mobility Management Extend the security mechanisms to all devices within the organization. This includes options for Secure Mail, Secure File access and Secure Web browsing from mobile devices. Mailbox hosting services With both local hosted exchange and Office365 as available options we are able to provide you with enterprise grade mail hosting facilities to optimize the way in which you collaborate and communicate as a business. Advanced Web Security and Control Complete protection and visibility into not only web browsing but also cloud application usage and control for the organization. Provided as a cloud service with no requirement for onsite hardware. Endpoint Encryption * Options for full disk as well as file encryption delivered from the cloud without the need for complex and costly onsite hardware and software.
  • Additional Services
    Security components can be selected to compliment the base service and add additional security for the business, detail on these is as follows: Cloud Backup – documents only. Cloud Backup – Full desktop backup. e-Mail Archiving – MailVault. Endpoint Detection and Response– EDR. Enterprise Mobility Management. Mailbox hosting services. Endpoint Encryption. Advanced Web Security reporting and control.
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