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Continuous check-ups for better cybersecurity

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The cybersecurity industry is an ever-changing environment with new technologies and threats surfacing nearly daily. To stay abreast of all these changes, businesses need to continuously adjust their security controls or risk vulnerabilities. As the industry grows, it also calls for more specialists; expertise in specific fields of cybersecurity, for example network security.

This need for continuous check-ups by, preferably, specialists who know the field and threats intimately can prove challenging for IT departments. Commonly, in-house IT teams are more generalists; able to look at the overall needs of a business rather than the specific needs of one field.

Fortunately, managed services provide an affordable solution. Rather than employing specialists, businesses can rely on the expertise of the service provider to ensure that the technology deployed is efficient in protecting against the most recent threat. Service providers monitor the technology in the business, make adjustments and alert the business to potential and real threats.

However, managed services do run the risk of creating blind spots or silos in the cybersecurity landscape as the various technologies don’t communicate. Managed Security can resolve this issue by offering an additional layer of protection. It creates channels of communication to ensure that all the technologies are working together.

“We aim to simplify and enhance the security within our customer’s cyber landscape,” says Richard Broeke, Securicom Managing Director. “Our Managed Security solution ensures that the technology you have in place is effective and running optimally within your network.”

“With the oversight we gain through the solution, we can suggest adjustments to improve your security and escalate detected threats to the relevant team members or service providers,” he adds.

The Securicom Managed Security solutions seamlessly integrates into any environment of any size, industry or geography. It supports the service providers and internal cybersecurity teams through monitoring the environment, identifying risks and suggesting adjustments to improve security.

Of course, Securicom can also assist with managed services if businesses would prefer immediate action to be taken on threats or blind spots detected. Servicing more than 800 customers from across the globe, and with more than 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, Securicom has the expertise to stay abreast of international and local security trends.

“New threats arise nearly daily as cybercrime and criminals become more sophisticated. Thus, the threat intelligence created by a cybersecurity company and the skill of its engineers are crucial. Securicom has both,” Richard says.

“With decades in the industry and close partnerships with international vendors, our threat intelligence is among the best and ever growing. Securicom also invests heavily in the skill and education of its engineers to ensure they too remain ahead of the curve,” he explains.

Partnering with the best cybersecurity companies ensures that businesses benefit from the best technology and specialised expertise so that systems remain updated and protected with skilled engineers at the helm.

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