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ContraForce and Securicom Announce Strategic Partnership

Dallas, Texas and Johannesburg, South Africa – January 24, 2023 – ContraForce and Securicom are pleased to announce the launch of their strategic partnership, combining ContraForce’s cutting-edge cybersecurity solution with Securicom’s 24/7 managed security service offerings. Through the partnership, the two organizations will provide full cybersecurity coverage across the U.S. and Africa, furthering the mission to democratize cybersecurity.

“The partnership between ContraForce and Securicom is powerful,” says Richard Broeke, Managing Director of Securicom. “It combines the Securicom Managed Security services with the ContraForce platform to provide more comprehensive security in a more accessible way. Through the Securicom Managed Security services, businesses can gain better insight and oversight into their cybersecurity landscape, benefitting from our expertise gained over more than two decades of experience in the industry. Partnered with the ContraForce platform, we can drive aggressive business impact while providing access to the cybersecurity resources that businesses need.”

The ContraForce-Securicom partnership also brings together sophisticated Microsoft expertise— an especially critical value for businesses relying on Microsoft for productivity and security tools.

“We've seen a major increase in the number of organizations with Microsoft 365 and migrating to Microsoft Azure due to the innovation and capabilities provided,” says Stanislav Golubchik, CEO and Co-Founder of ContraForce. “Customers are also rapidly consolidating their productivity and security budgets to purchase Microsoft Business Premium, E3, or E5 licenses to maximize their ROI. Despite the robust security tools included in these licenses, they require intimate security acumen to use properly. With Securicom, we’re able to offer both the software and services needed to keep businesses secure, especially those in the Microsoft ecosystem.”

For more information on ContraForce’s SaaS cybersecurity solution, click here.

To learn more about Securicom’s managed security service offerings, click here.

About ContraForce

ContraForce is a SaaS platform that brings enterprise-scale cybersecurity to small and medium businesses. With 24/7 threat detection, actionable incident response plans, time-saving automation processes and more, ContraForce provides an affordable, accessible approach to cyber resiliency. You can learn more about ContraForce here.

About Securicom

Securicom offers cybersecurity solutions for your business. We offer Managed Services that are monitored and adjusted accordingly for your users, devices and networks. This approach offers us near-real-time intelligence from every corner of your business. For businesses that want a more comprehensive approach, we offer a Managed Security solution in which we monitor all the existing technology and request adjustments on your behalf to ensure that the solutions complement each other, and are effective in the security that they provide. Contact us on 0861 591 591 (South Africa) or

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