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Investing in skilled engineers

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Technology can only go so far in protecting your cybersecurity landscape. Artificial intelligent technologies play an important role in monitoring a network and alerting to strange activity. However, these technologies lack the insight and creative problem solving to identify real threats. Thus, skilled engineers are needed to analyse the data, identify true threats and respond accordingly. As Securicom Solutions Architect, Michael Morton says: “Current machines don’t have the ability of humans to apply the acquired knowledge with a sense of understanding, logic, reasoning and learning.”

To bolster its Managed Security solution, Securicom invests in its team through upskilling and training, but also building a skilled team for the future. Michael explains: “We understand the importance of a skilled team; thus Securicom focuses on selecting, training, and growing our staff.” This is done in three phases.

Upskilling through education

Securicom encourages its team to continue learning about the cybersecurity landscape. This can be done through vendor training, certifications or even formal education. Several Securicom staff have completed their Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) qualifications. By remaining curious about the industry, Securicom ensures that its engineers are informed on the latest security trends, technology solutions and threat intelligence. It also ensures that the team has the necessary skills to respond to the threats detected in a network.

“Securicom subscribes all staff members to an online educational portal that offers multiple training courses to ensure all our staff understand the latest security risk and methods,” Michael says. “In addition, all staff are provided with educational goals inside Securicom. This ranges from staff members obtaining vendor-led certifications to international accredited certifications like CISSP, CISA and CEH, to just name a few. Our commitment to educating and providing staff members with certifications are key to our service offerings and form the base for anyone working at Securicom.”

New talent

Each year, Securicom takes on several interns. A background in cybersecurity is not a requirement as the interns undergo an intensive training period and work closely with senior engineers to ensure that they deliver quality work. The programme provides opportunities to the participants, but also provides Securicom with new talent. Several interns, who have shown promise with a passion for cybersecurity, have secured permanent positions. Thus Securicom is able to identify, upskill and retain talent.


The most crucial aspect to building a skilled team is retaining talent. Securicom can boast staff who have been in the cybersecurity landscape for over a decade – most or all of which was spent with the cybersecurity company. This ensures that clients deal with the same staff, building close relationships and open, honest, comfortable communication channels. In turn, the Securicom engineers know the client’s cybersecurity landscape intimately, which allows them to better monitor and detect any strange behaviour. They are familiar with the most likely threats and can take the necessary precautions.

In addition, by retaining staff, Securicom is able to broaden its reservoir of threat intelligence and cybersecurity knowledge by combining the know-how of its staff, intelligence created from Securicom’s more than 20 years in the industry and information from international vendors.

Thus, backed by skilled staff, the Securicom Managed Security solution offers skilled, knowledgeable insights that better protect your business for many years to come. Give us a call on 0861 591 591 (South Africa) or send us an e-mail at to learn more about the Securicom Managed Security solutions.

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