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Get Cyber Safe.

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Fourth Industrial Revolution, IOT, Cyber Security, Ransomware, Targeted Attacks, Data Leaks, Compliancy.

This often leaves us with more questions than answers feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

e-Mail is still the most used communication method in the workplace, making it the most common attack vector. For this reason, a solid e-Mail Security Solution should be top of mind when creating your cyber security strategy.

As e-Mail threats continue to grow, we realize that nothing is ever guaranteed. Anything can happen at any time. What do you do in case of a disaster or outage?

While focusing on the best cyber security solutions to stop viruses, breaches and attacks, we should also place emphasis on cyber resilience which ensures business continuity in case of e-Mail failure.

e-Purifier includes an e-Mail continuity web mail interface which ensures that your business can continue to operate during an outage of the mail service, as well as an outlook plug-in and mobile app for ease of access to archived information anywhere, anytime. The service can also cater for outbound mail through the configuration of a smart-host. e-Purifier not only protects users against traditional threats such as viruses, malware and spam, but also against advanced threats like ransomware and phishing.

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