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Managed Service vs Managed Security

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

By now you should know a little more about Managed Security (read our article explaining the concept here), and you might be asking yourself: “Well, how does this differ from any other managed services?”

Let us explain. Managed services are integral to cybersecurity as you install technology to protect your cyber landscape while appointing a service provider to monitor this technology, which might include running updates, arranging the configuration or monitoring any threats. With experts at the helm, managed services improves the functioning of your technology or cybersecurity solution.

Unfortunately, this can create silos as service providers focus on one technology or solution that speaks to one area of security within your cyber landscape. This can result in blind spots or vulnerabilities; opportunities for cybercrime. Consider, for example, if you have a service provider monitoring your e-mails. They are specifically looking for attacks in the form of A. Another service provider managing your firewalls and looking for attacks in the form of B. A blind spot could include an attack on your e-mails in the form of B. If the service providers were speaking to each other, they might have both been looking for A and B.

Another blind spot, could simply be an attack C that neither service provider is looking for and enters your landscape from a source that is unprotected by the technologies installed. Richard Broeke, Managing Director at Securicom, explains: “Without managed security in place, the only data that you have on which to make these decisions is what the technology itself is telling you. This is one of the blind spots of any managed service.”

Managed Security offers a solution to this problem. Software or a collector gathers information from all the technology within your cybersecurity landscape to give a better overview of what is happening. In simple terms, it creates – or rather is – the channel of communication between the various technologies, which rids your cybersecurity of blind spots.

By gathering information, Managed Security can assist you with determining how well individual technologies function, but also whether they are functioning well with other solutions in your environment. For example, whether all your technology is looking for attacks in the form of A and B.

Securicom Managed Security takes it a step further. With over 22 years of experience in providing industry-leading security services, Securicom creates its own threat intelligence, which makes the information more relevant to the South African landscape, while also leveraging international, industry-leading threat feeds to bolster its threat intelligence.

This creates a truly unique feed that is more local and relevant for the South African market. Thus, allowing Securicom to detect threats even in the blind spots (for example, attack C in the hypothetical example).  But more about our unique approach in the next article!

Thus, the two solutions compliment each other. Together they work to ensure the best possible protection of your cyber landscape, which includes your sensitive information and data. To learn more about how Managed Security can benefit your business, give us a call on 0861 591 591 (South Africa) or send us an e-mail at

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