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Taking an unique approach to Managed Security

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

We’ve established the importance of Managed Security, and how it differs from, but also compliments a managed service. Now, it begs the question: What makes Securicom’s approach to Managed Security different?

Well, first it is important to understand that while Managed Security provides a great overview and valuable insights, there are limitations to the technology. Therefore, it is important to have a skilled team and gather threat intelligence to overcome the limitations of the artificial intelligence (AI). Thus, any good Managed Security service requires good technology, threat intelligence, and skilled engineers.

The Securicom approach to Managed Security is unique as we heavily invest in all three. As Securicom Solutions Architect, Michael Morton, explains: “Within Securicom’s Managed Security, both human intelligence and AI are used to provide an enhanced service offering.”


“With AI, Securicom has the benefits of machine learning and deep learning algorithms,” Michael says. “These AI-driven applications have a greatly higher speed of execution compared to the human counterpart. They offer higher operational ability and accuracy.” Thus, AI can monitor a cybersecurity landscape, detect a breach or potential breach, and notify Securicom faster than any human.

The Securicom technology is also built to complement existing security solutions. Thus, businesses don’t need to change their service provider or technology to make us of the Managed Security solution. A collector is simply installed in your cybersecurity landscape and the Securicom AI technology does the rest – gathering information from all the available technologies to detect potential or existing threats.

But what happens after the AI detects an issue? How does it know what to look for? This is where the threat intelligence is most valuable.


Threat intelligence is a combination of knowledge, skills and experience that assist cybersecurity professionals to assess threats, but also know how cyberattacks occur. This is key to mitigating cyber threats. With more than 20 years of experience providing Managed Security solutions to businesses of all sizes across the globe, Securicom creates its own threat intelligence.

This is complimented with international, industry-leading threat feeds that bolster our threat intelligence. Thus, we are well versed in the threats that face our local (South African) and international clients. While this is a crucial part of the Managed Security solution, it is the team behind the technology that really make the difference.


Michael says: “One of the big gaps identified is that current machines do not have the ability of humans to apply the acquired knowledge with a sense of understanding, logic, reasoning, learning. Experience is what makes us stand out.” Securicom boasts engineers who have spent decades in the cybersecurity landscape building up a reservoir of their own threat intelligence.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on investing in our staff through education and upskilling; thus, also building talent for the years to come. As Michael explains: “We understand the importance of the human element. That is why we focus as much on selecting, training, and growing our staff, as we do in selecting and building key managed security services. Our teams understand Security Controls. Who better to monitor their effectiveness? Our team is highly skilled, passionate about security, and is the reason that Securicom has been a success for all these years.”

With the best that AI has to offer, local and international threat intelligence backing, and skilled engineers at the helm, Securicom’s unique approach to Managed Security can provide your business with the best possible cybersecurity. Give us a call on 0861 591 591 (South Africa) or send us an e-mail at for more information.

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