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The greatest asset can be the greatest threat

Arguably the greatest asset to any business is its employees. They are an invaluable part of the business and its success. While irreplaceable, they do pose a potential risk to the cybersecurity of a business. Ransomware, phishing, whaling, spam and malware are becoming more prevalent. These attacks target specific endpoints and users. Traditional approaches to security are not effective enough against these types of threats. Fortunately, there are many measures that can be put in place to better protect the business and its employees while empowering them to take better precautions against cybersecurity threats.

Secure networks

It is important to ensure secure access to the business network, protect the data stored and shared through the network, and monitor activity on the network. As a business grows, adopting cloud services, implementing new networking technologies and making use of various access methods, the network becomes increasingly complex. This makes it harder to secure the network and the data stored and shared through it. Today a very specific and specialised skill set is needed to ensure networks are secure.

With this in mind, Securicom has created the Network Secure set of services that, through our consultative engagement model, focuses on the location of the application in use as opposed to the physical network. As a result, the data is put front and centre. The Network Secure services combine several technologies from international vendors and are offered on a monthly subscription basis. It includes (but is not limited to) perimeter security services, web application security, remote access solutions and secure cloud services access.

“By leveraging our collective decades of networking experience and applying a security mindset, we provide network security solutions that are relevant to the specific client’s requirements; regardless of what type of network or application and its location,” says Richard Broeke, Managing Director of Securicom.

Secure users

As personal, targeted attacks on employees increase, it is important to ensure the digital environment in which they work is secure. As gateways to the business network and employees, e-mail, endpoint and web are key points that need to be secure to ensure employees can safely conduct business. Securicom User Secure service offers a combined solution that speaks to all three these key areas.

“With User Secure our approach is to begin with providing the user, regardless of company size, sector, budget, or operating territory with effective protection against the three primary cyber attack vectors. The service is provided on a monthly consumption basis with no minimum user commitment and low to no implementation fees,” Richard explains.

It is possible to add further security components to the base service offering in the User Secure service. Businesses can, for example, include cloud backups, e-mail archiving, endpoint detection and remediation, mailbox hosting, endpoint encryption and much more.

User education

While the above mentioned security measures will go a long way to better protecting staff and the business, the best form of prevention ultimately lies with empowering employees with the skills and knowledge to engage more safely in the digital landscape. Knowledge truly is power – the power to recognise and respond safely to an attack. The more staff know, the better choices they can make. Securicom can assist with User Education Training. This service measures, boosts and monitors employee cyber awareness. The solution auto-enrols users into personalised training programs to tackle their unique gaps or weaknesses.

Security partner

In the end, partnering with the right cybersecurity company will make all the difference. Securicom provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to better protect the business network, devices and staff.

“Securicom can assist any business, regardless of its size, industry or location,” says Richard. “We assist with securing your network, devices and users, as well as monitoring your cybersecurity landscape through our Managed Services and Managed Security solutions.”

“With more than two decades in the cybersecurity industry, our team has a well of knowledge to help better protect your business, and upskill your staff to make good, safe choices when engaging with business information,” Richard concludes.

By investing in the right cybersecurity solutions, businesses can empower staff to ensure that they remain the biggest asset to the business. With the right education, staff can become your first line of defence against cybercrime.

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